June 2018 Part 1

June has been really busy already. And before bombarding you guys with SO MANY PHOTOS, I am going to do two posts.

Here are a few crappy phone photos. For my birthday I went to brunch with a couple dear friends at Tusk. Then it was followed by a local plant nursery where I picked out lovely plants! Birthday weekend was going to include a family trip to Vashon Island, but, my dad unexpectedly had surgery, so we stayed put. It was a very emotional weekend for me. It’s hard being far from family in these situations. Praise God my dad is doing great now.

Another weekend, we also explored some new trails with some friends. Curtis and I had to stop by drive through coffee at like 3pm, because life with young children…..WE ARE SO SO TIRED. This is Ev’s bestie. We love this family a ton.

On my actual birthday Curtis took me out and we listened to music, had yummy sangrias, and talked the whole time. The little things.

I love this sweet little friendship that is forming. I am still hanging out with this family for our weekly English lessons.

We had our last preschool Co-op Day. We celebrated with a waffle bar!


I was standing in the kitchen and saw my kids. I had to take a photo. Love seeing all THREE at the table together. So unreal.


The state of my house usually. IMG_0048IMG_0053IMG_0056

Meal times are my favorite. IMG_0072

Loved this little scene. Bread rising, strawberry shrubs in the making, and dehydrated kale for snacks. I love the kitchen.IMG_0045

Made some shrubs for canning club. IMG_0046IMG_0047

His first summer popsicle. Almond butter banana pops!IMG_0042

And we went strawberry picking. I took all three kids by myself and we picked 6ish pounds! That weekend I canned lots of jam (strawberry rhubarb, strawberry honey thyme, and strawberry lemon preserves). Look at this baby! IMG_0085IMG_0090IMG_0091IMG_0095IMG_0098IMG_0102IMG_0105IMG_0109

We’ve been going to our garden every day. We harvested our first things…RADISHES! I may have screamed. Growing something is amazing! IMG_0134IMG_0135IMG_0136IMG_0140IMG_0141IMG_0142IMG_0145

While I am weeding or watering, the kids are usually running around the property. Running up and down the hill picking raspberries! IMG_0146IMG_0153

I told Curtis to take a picture of the kids and I in front of our first garden. I’m such a sappy mom.

I have no idea what I am doing, but hopefully things will continue to grow!IMG_0164

This picture give me all the feels. My babies! Garden and humans. 🙂IMG_0170


Ok, so I may have waited too long to pick the radishes. They were spicy! So I pickled them and it mellowed the flavor. I’ve added the pickled radishes into everything…salads, sandwiches, and yesterday it was a great addition to my soba noodle cold salad.IMG_0266IMG_0194

Saturday morning breakfast is an event. Sourdough pancakes. YESSS. IMG_0185

I found Ev climbing our fence. of course.IMG_0188


Father’s day weekend. Breakfast on the patio, hike, donuts, and then we had friends over for scotch and pie. That evening we had a thunderstorm. It was so cool! It rained off and on all evening. All the kids just ran around barefoot in the rain. It was so great. Thankful for Curtis. The best dad and partner. IMG_0199IMG_0245IMG_0257IMG_0258IMG_0259IMG_0262


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