These are the Days



These are the days. Jonathan is 10.5 months! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year. I see his “babyhood” disappearing as each day goes by. And it hits me. He is our last baby! I can not imagine our lives without babies in our house. These are the days. The hard days. The most precious and fleeting of days. Today was a regular day. We met friends at a park. I was a hot mess (like always when we do outings) keeping an eye on all of them, nursing, getting out all the snacks, asking James if he needs to go potty for the 100th time,  dealing with tantrums when it was time leave, the older two fighting in the car (a new thing), and Jon crying because he hates to be contained these days. But, there was so much good today too. Sitting outside with all of them. Having the older two help me pack the carrots while we made fermented carrots. Watching them play outside while I made the pizza dough for dinner. I love my life. It is hard in so many ways. And parenting as introvert with basically no breaks ever is demanding and leaves me depleted and grumpy most of the time. But, I wouldn’t trade this life with my babies. They won’t be this little forever. When Curtis asks about my day, it’s always so hard to answer. Our days are long, exhausting, and mostly difficult, but there are always such good tiny moments sprinkled throughout. I asked Curtis to take a photo of me while I held Jon today. I really wanted to remember today. As simple and normal as today was.

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