I love weddings.

I love weddings. Especially when one of your childhood friends get married!! One of my bestest got married last Friday! Wooooo!!  I’ve known this lady since I was six years old. Oh how I treasure these long lasting friendships. Friendships that transcend changing seasons, stages, state lines, distance, and my weirdness/craziness! Seriously, the best.

After months and months and months of planning, organizing, brainstorming, and creating,  her wedding finally happened. Truly, it was one of THE best weddings I’ve been to.  So much joy, love, and energy. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave. 😉

Oh, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!!!! I mean just look at her!











So glad I got be her matron of honor and join her as she starts her new adventure in marriage. I love you so much, love!!! To 20 more years of friendship! ❤

A little snippet of her amazing wedding down below. Her Mr. is just freakin’ talented! oh, the LOVE.


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