Both C and I are going through such a busy season with jobs, added responsibilities, community involvement, and trying to squeeze in quality time for us.

I’ve caught myself doing lots of complaining lately. Tired, worn out, and overworked Lissette is no fun. Complaining and negativity. Boo. I don’t want any of it anymore. I’m trying very hard to take what Philippians states to heart. To be content in all circumstances.
To be content in the bad days.
In my stressful days.
In the wild days my little ones have sometimes.
In my sleepiness.
In my burnt out feelings.
In my negativity.

I’m trying my best to live in contentment and have a thankful heart.

I’m thankful for:
The most loving and supportive husband.
Great community.
A job that never bores me.
Great coworkers
Beautiful little ones that make me smile.
God’s daily reminders of grace.

This week I’m thankful for








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