Farm life

One of my favorite parts about this summer was the 2 weeks that were spent in the sweetest little farm house. Tending the chickens and the veggie garden were my fav.
But most of all, what I loved about our time there, was the simplicity of everything. Things were slower, calmer, and simple. This is exactly what I needed with the crazy busy life I lead. Maybe this is why I’m constantly dreaming about a country life. Away from the busyness, the rushed life, and consumerism. This all drains me.
I dream of the quietness and the sustainable slow paced life. Hopefully one day C and I can run away into the woods and live that life I dream of! If not, every now then we’ll have to escape our crazy busy life just like we did last month. Here are some photos of our time at the farm. A time of respite was needed and had!







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