Strawberries, Farms, and Jam.

So a few weeks ago, C and I went on a day date to Davenport. I seriously love that place. So small, quiet, and quaint. I love that coastal drive. We drove around the town stopping a different places, visited a vintage sale, and drove further down to stop by Swanton Berry Farm. I’ve been craving some fresh strawberries. YUM. With all our bountiful, I made a ton of jam, froze lots for smoothies and made pie, of course.

The coast and the farm. Side by side. Mmmm.

I had to snack on some. Too good.

After we picked our berries, we headed into here. Paid and hung out for a bit. I kept telling C, “See, we could do this. Have a mini farm. Grow our own berries…” Poor husband. That is all he heard from me. Hehe.20120805-174256.jpg







Seriously, this place is the cutest. 20120805-174541.jpg

Once I got home, I began on getting some canning recipes. I have never made jam and I have NEVER canned. (Cute little carrots and green onions sneaking into the jam picture.)


After a very long afternoon. I did it. Strawberry jam was made. Whew! And as much as I stressed about the canning process, it was a success! 20120805-174635.jpg

We had such fun time. Although, I kept dreaming about the farm and country life. So sweet. Maybe one day?

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