Clear Lake,Ca

Like I wrote a couple days ago, life for us has been   h e c t i c   lately.

because of this, i couldn’t wait until june 10th came. this was when we’d go on our much needed retreat.

the week before our retreat, our lives had been consumed planning a huge event and an intense work week. wheww! we were exhausted. and so, we drove north.

we drove past our beautiful redwoods, past the gorgeous napa valley vineyards, and finally into the woods of Clear Lake. I usually fall asleep on long drives, but, I couldn’t fall asleep as we drove through Clear Lake. too beautiful!

here are some shots from our retreat.

after we set up camp, we ran to the beautiful lake. Clear Lake that weekend was HOT. so, getting refreshed at the lake was key.

don’t mind my ‘grandma’ look. after hanging out the lake for a while, we came back to camp and cooked dinner. one of the nights we made bean burritos with sauteed bell peppers and other fixings!

Another night we had pasta. pasta is my ultimate weekeness. give. me. those.carbs. some of my most memorable times during our trip: long conversations over candlelight dinner. my hubs and i had lots of catching up to do!

after our dinners, we usually indulged in sweet treats and yummy drinks. we went to bed early every night. we were sooo tired from our wild week months. fortunately,we had a few days of no agenda or plans. so we slept ALOT that weekend.

more lake time. sunset time was the best for playing/hanging out by the water.

tea and reading also consumed our weekend. 🙂

so grateful for being able to spend some much needed time away with C. between, books, drinks, theology discussions, cooking, sleeping, countless afternoon naps, and lake time, C and I came back home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

oh and the bee sting and the rattle snake encounter, only made the trip more memorable. 😉


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