Outdoor Getaway.

My school year ended mid May. this past school year was unusually stressful for multiple reasons. but, i survived. i survived licensing visits. i survived our friggin’ federal review. i survived having 14 energetic three year old boys. i survived behavioral challenges, IEP’s, tons of case management, intense cases, revamping my old, old center, families, and so much more.

needless to say, when friends of ours invited us to an outdoor getaway, i was excited! being outdoors, the lake, camping, cute babies, and sweet friends. a great way to begin my summer vacation.

curtis and i had a wonderful time with beautiful people! here are some shots:


breakfast shots. i am not a morning person AT ALL. but, waking up in the woods is one of the sweetest feelings. the morning air, coffee, and campfire. Mmm.

becka made homemade butter. nbd.

lotsssss of bacon for the carnivores! 

coffee and morning campfire goodness.

sun, lounging, convos, and cute kiddos!

i mean look at this face! ❤

lake time.

and my favorite. popcorn making and late night convos. 

Such a great way to kick off summer.

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