Homeschooling: Our Co-op

Last fall me & a couple other moms who are exploring homeschooling or just want to keep their kiddos at home during the early years started a makeshift co-op. It’s seriously saving me during this insane transition. We get together Monday mornings & established & sweet little rythm. I know I did this for the kiddos, but, I’m being so blessed by this community. During open play, we sip or tea or coffee & process the hardness of these early years & pray for each other. I’m so freaking thankful! I want to write more about it, but, as always time is so limited. Ok, nap time over! Here are a few photos from this week. Notice James tacklinng Evie while I lead circle. Sighhhh



Well, I’m back. I have decided to quit social media for the year (Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook). I was very active in these platforms & didn’t how addictive these apps we’re until I decided to give it up. More on that another time.

I told family I would still update with kids/family stuff here once a month or so. We’ve been getting out more which has been so good for all of us. It only took me like 6 months or so. Whoops.


Wow, it’s crazy how long I have neglected this space. 

The last time I posted was 2013. And interestingly, the last post was concerning our trip to Tahoe. This trip was where we found out we were pregnant. A huge surprise, considering we were being careful with using NFP ( Natural Family Planning) with great success for the last two years. 

So much to write about the last year.

How I have grown. 

How being pushed into motherhood has been the best thing that has happened to me. 

How God has taught me so much about trust, letting go, & faith. I hope that one day I can write more about it. But, for now, I will leave it there. Maybe one day I will have the time. Nap time sometimes isn’t long enough. 

I figured I would say goodbye to this blog for now, because I just don’t have time to keep up. You can find me on Tumblr where I have found to be a little less maintenance. Mostly photos & re-blogging since I just don’t have time to write these day.  Or maybe I’m just lazy. 

Every now I “tweet”. Mostly boring things. & only during nap times. #naptimetweets.

Tweet- Tweet:

 Tumblr became my BFF during late night nursing sessions. Endless scrolling of lovely images!


Cheers to a new season. 


Everly 8 Months 009


Quality Time

Quality time is my love language. And for the past few months C and I have struggled to find time for just us. Between over working and projects within our community, our calendars filled up too fast. Fortunately, this month we’ve been able to invest in our marriage and spend time together. We escaped to the hills in Los Gatos for a long weekend, took a roadtrip, and flew to east coast for a few days.
Being away has allowed me to clear my mind and really put priorities straight. I’m excited to bring more simplicity to my life. But, more on that later.

Here are some shots from our weekend away in the hills!












Between going on brunch and coffee dates, sleeping in, relaxing at our sweet hotel, getting foot massages, wine tasting, and window shopping, the weekend seemed complete and relaxing. So grateful for my husband.